Recent work

Implications of Smart Grid Innovation for Organizational Models in Electricity Distribution, Wiley Smart Grid Handbook, 2016

Alternatives to Net Metering: Grid Services Rate Design for Decentralized Electricity Markets. R Street Policy Paper, February 2016

Power Up: Energy policy recommendations for UK electricity distribution. Adam Smith Institute Policy Paper, October 2015

A Prosperous and Cleaner Future: Markets, Innovation, and Electricity Distribution for the 21st Century. Conservation Leadership Council Policy Paper, June 2015

Competitive Joint Venture Ownership of Networks as an Alternative to Regulation, in Arnold Picot, Massimo Florio, Nico Grove, and Johan Kranz, eds. The Economics of Infrastructure Provisioning: The (Changing) Role of the State. MIT Press, 2015 (joint with Federico Boffa)

Incumbent Vertical Market Power, Experimentation, and Institutional Design in the Deregulating Electricity Industry, Independent Review 19:2 (2014): 239-264


SSRN author page

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Working papers and ongoing research

“Blockchain for Watergy: A Technology Platform for Transactive Energy and Water.” Manuscript, October 2016. Joint with Toby Considine and James Workman. Presented at: Property & Environment Research Center Energy Workshop, July 2016, Southern Economic Association conference, November 2016

“Innovation, Interconnection, and Institutions: Evolving Electric Power Systems in the Early 20th Century.” Manuscript, July 2016. Joint with Karen Clay. Presented at: Property & Environment Research Center Energy Workshop, July 2016

“Toward A Transaction Cost Model of the Platform Economy.” Manuscript, February 2017. Joint with Michael Munger. Previous versions presented at: Boston University Platform Symposium, July 2016; Public Choice Society meetings, March 2015; King’s College London, February 2015; University of Cambridge, February 2015